A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Swipe currents to guide the letters to the green spring and see what words nature might speak. Take good care of the fish in the lake.

Skáimmadas the fish spirit narrates the way in three of the nine Sámi langugages: Northern Sámi, Skolt Sámi and Inari Sámi.

Touchscreen recommended!

Made for Sami Game Jam 2018 - 

Exploring themes of artivism, activism and one nation with many languages. 

Robin Baumgarten - design, programming
Petri Autio - design, programming
Áilu Valle - design, writing, voice over, music, Sami expert
Emppu Nurminen - graphics
Suvi Latva - graphics
Annakaisa Kultima - graphics
Laura Tapiola - writing, Sami expert
Elie Abraham - music, audio
Additional thanks: Marjaana Auranen - Sami expert
Aura Pieski - Sami expert
Mikkal Morottaja - Sami expert (Inari Sami)
Sara Weslin - Sami expert (Skolt Sami)

More information about Sámi mythology:



Saivu - Windows v2.zip 65 MB
Saivu-Android-v2.apk 77 MB

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