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In the field a cabin, in the cabin a bucket, in the bucket blood and shit. Your disease and its remedies push you towards death and delirium. Will the you make peace with the phantoms that emerge?

Combine the words of power you still remember to help you along your way, pained in the knowledge that the syllables falling from your lips are lost forever.

You grow weaker, but perhaps seeking the things you've long since chosen to forget will give you wisdom enough to meet the end in peace.

[ This is a roguelike with many nods to tradition, a slightly Borgesian narrative feel and a special spell system. My first RL. Try and figure out the casting based on the hints given in the game, this process is part of the fun and you will likely need to use your spells in the right sequence to beat all the bad memories.]



Install instructions

Unpack the zip and run the .exe in Windows, or fire up ShitCrimson.py in a Python 2.7 interpreter somewhere else.

Get in touch if you please: @archbang85 / archbang85@gmail.com


ShitCrimson_Windows.zip 27 MB