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Earth, the Dark Ages. $5.3 trillion dollars are traded on Forex markets each day. Money moves back and forth with incredible speed, a maelstrom which devours the brightest mathematical minds of the generation into hunting the perfect algorithms with which to exploit statistical anomalies in this global ocean and skim the foam for themselves.

You are a quant trader chasing those arbitrage opportunities, freshly in the lead of your own shop. A hero of our time. Your life is numbers. And even when chasms are blasted through mountains to let your signals flow faster, for you the speed of light is not fast enough. Companies, countries, continents rise and fall as your feverish dreams spill over but that all secondary when you get lost in your new, infinite mother.


What is it like to be a bat? Who cares.

What is it like to be a hyperbright quant pouring their talent at the barren altar of capital?

Experience four different endings for the psychopathology of a trader.


Game developed for the WAG challenge in a couple of days in the merry hot month of June.





Beat the market by making sufficient profits, if you want. To get the best profits, send pulses from nodes that are green to other nodes that are green.

Pulses increase the power of nodes, which will move towards PURPLE. The more power nodes have, the faster they will send pulses. Over time the nodes lose power which moves them towards RED.

If you have too many nodes either RED or PURPLE, the level ends and you must move forward with the profit you have amassed.


Mouse - click the trade nodes to cycle through the algorithms you have. Each algorithm has a cost, pattern and speed. In some cases a wide spread is good, and in others a focused pattern is best.

Hover over the algorithms for more information.


A play in infinite acts


Artyom Byetov - Brilliant quant trader recently moved from the prop desk of a large investment bank to head their own team in a small hedge fund

Boris Byetov - Professor Emeritus of Real Analysis at Moscow State University

Ljiudmila Byetova - Wife of Boris, socialite

Maria Solovyova - Artyom's bethrothed, PhD candidate in Economics

Sergei Akunin - Arytom's old friend from university, now a business partner

Object-self of the Market

Dissolve thyself




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